Duckett, D., Corrigan, S., Yang, L., Skomal, G., and Naylor, GJP. Mitochondrial insights into white shark population structure. Society of Systematic Biologists Standalone Meeting: Columbus, OH. Presentation.

Coden, M., Duckett, D., Cannon, C., and Hoban, S. 2016 Conservation Genetics of Shinnery Oak: Background, Sampling Strategy, and DNA Protocols. Texas Plant Conservation Conference: Fort Worth, TX. Presentation.

Duckett, DJL. and Naylor, GJP. 2015. Maximizing statistical power in shark population structure analyses. Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists: Reno, NV. Presentation.

Duckett, D. J. L. and Naylor G. J. P. 2014. A comparison of molecular markers for analyzing genetic structure in three species of shark. Evolution Conference: Raleigh, NC. Poster.

Journal Publications

Duckett, D., Hoban, S., and Naylor, G. Maximizing power in population structure studies using simulations and empirical analyses. Evolutionary Applications special issue: In Review. 

Maisano Delser, P., Corrigan, S., Duckett, D., Suwalski, A., Veuille, M., Planes, M., Naylor, GJP., and Mona, S. From the Indo-Australian Archipelago (IAA) to the world: Reconstructing the range expansion of Black tip Reef Sharks (C. melanopterus). Evolution: In Review.

Lyell, NL., Septer, AN., Dunn, AK., Duckett, D., Stoudenmire, JL., and Stabb, EV. An expanded Transposon Mutant Library Reveals that Vibrio fischeri δ-Aminolevulinate Auxotrophs Can Colonize Euprymna scolopesApplied and Environmental Microbiology: Accepted.

Duckett D. J. L. and Naylor G. J. P. 2014. The complete mitochondrial genome of the endangered spotback skate, Atlantoraja castelnaui. Mitochondrial DNA Part A, 27(3), 2081-2082.

Academic Publications 

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